Welcome to the APS Australian Cup 2021

The Great Australian Photographic Challenge is on!

We are looking for the best images from Australian Photographic Clubs.

APS Approval No. 2021/xx

Each club submits 20 images into one Section – OPEN

There are Club Awards and Individual Awards
Entries close

2021 Jury

Panel Ann Bastion > New Zealand
Arne Bergo > Norway
Elena McTighe > USA

Competition not open yet - 2021 APS Australian Cup
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Results for competitions in 2020 APS Australian Cup

by Colin Woods, 24 July, 2020

MyPhotoClub offers free access until April 2021

Colin from MyPhotoClub has announced that fees for the remainder of 2020 have been waived for all existing and new clients.

A perfect way to test drive this system is to use it to select your entries for the APS Australian Cup which closes on May 24th. This will enable your members to submit their entries – run an internal scoring session and then enter your selected entries without further uploading.

To see how it works goto to https://example.myphotoclub.com.au/ and use the joining code 226

Simply email colin@myphotoclub.com.au to request a site.

by Colin Woods, 8 April, 2020

2020 APS Australian Cup now open

All photography clubs in Australia are invited to enter. Please pass this information on to the relevant person in your photography club.

Entry information

  1. 20 PHOTOS PER CLUB ARE MANDATORY using the following limits;
    • 1 image per person for clubs with more than 75 members,
    • 2 images per person for clubs with less than 75 but more than 40 members,
    • 3 images per person for clubs with less than 40 but more than 20 members,
    • 4 images per person for clubs with less than 20 but more than 10 members,
    • 5 images per person for clubs with less than 10 members.
  2. Australian Clubs only are permitted to participate.
  3. Authors may only enter with one club
  4. Coherency between photos is not required.
  5. Images entered in previous Australian Cup competitions will not be accepted.
  6. Any subject (colour or mono) is acceptable but no images of a pornographic nature will be accepted.

Entry Fee:

The entry fee is $40 per club. Payable by card or PayPal via website.

Image specifications:

A maximum size of 1920 pixels wide (horizontal direction) and 1200 pixels wide (vertical direction) with a maximum file size of 2mb. JPG file please.

by Colin Woods, 7 March, 2020

Results for competitions in 2019 APS Australian Cup

by Colin Woods, 22 June, 2019