Run a selection competition with MyPhotoClub

Any club entering the APS Australian Cup can take advantage of a free offer to run a selection competition within your club.

This will allow you to see first hand how the MyPhotoClub system operates.

Here’s how it works:

  • None of your members’ information is captured. Each person is allocated a generic account to use to log in and upload their entries.
  • After the closing date for entry passes, each member can then score the entries, giving each entry a score between one and five. Scores for their own entries are ignored and an average score is used.
  • The total scores for each entry can then be used to rank the entries and the selection of the twenty for the APS Australian Cup can be made.
  • Notify MyPhotoClub and your entries will be submitted. No need to upload them yourself.

Clubs already using MyPhotoClub have the ability to run this, and any other pre-selection competition internally.

If you are interested please contact  and let me know the name of your club and how many members you have.

This video (15 minutes) walks you through the entire process.